Fluid Moves create bespoke workshops using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I & II (MBTI) tool to develop leaders, teams and individuals. The MBTI assists us to understand our own type, and the type of others, and the impact of this on how we behave, both personally and in the commercial space.

Our workshops are fun, fast paced and highly interactive. Rather than being told who you are, we use a variety of exercises and games to help you explore your preferences and ways of behaving.

Step I explains which of the sixteen types an individual might be, and Step II provides a richness and depth of personality in order to understand how we differ from each others, even if we are similar.


Our workshops aim to:

  • Increase individual performance
  • Offer an opportunity to learn about yourself and others
  • Enhance the effectiveness of leaders
  • Build engaged and motivated teams
  • Improve communication and understanding across all levels of the organisation
  • Be fun and highly interactive